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Fresh Food for Your Customers: What Restaurants Need to Know About Refrigerator Shopping

Fresh Food for Your Customers: What Restaurants Need to Know About Refrigerator Shopping

Nothing could be more important for your restaurant than maintaining the freshness of ingredients and supplies. Your refrigeration system is one of the key components in commercial food storage and safety. Modern refrigeration units have many features that benefit not only restaurant owners, but workers and customers, as well. Smart refrigeration systems allow for remote monitoring and maintenance, along with a multitude of other updates, which bring added value to the newest systems.

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Owning a restaurant and overseeing its day to day operation is a daunting task, requiring much time and effort. Staying up to date on the best refrigeration options for your restaurant is also quite daunting - and time-consuming. For this reason, the following breakdown of the most common types of refrigeration systems has been provided to help you decide which is best for your restaurant:

Stand-Alone Refrigerators

  • Upright Fridges: The most common type of fridge for display or storage. These often include adjustable shelving and internal lighting. They also come in many different styles and finishes.
  • Preparation Fridges: These types of fridges come in counter-top or under the counter varieties. These are especially handy for food preparation areas, allowing for the quick retrieval of refrigerated items during food preparation.
  • Under Counter Fridges: These fridges are most often used by businesses wishing to display refrigerated items. They are preferred for usage in bar areas.

Cool Rooms and Walk-in Freezers

Cool rooms require a customized installation. These are entire rooms you can use for display and retrieval, or for storage. Cool rooms include the units you usually see at convenience stores, where row upon row of cold drinks and food items can be seen and retrieved by customers. They also include walk-in freezers used for the long-term storage of meat and other frozen items, and walk-in refrigerators for the storage of refrigerated items in the kitchen area of restaurants.

Strand Alone Freezers

  • Upright Freezers: These are compact options for frozen food storage. Solid door freezers are available for restaurant kitchen and storage rooms. Glass door freezers are available for the display of frozen items in customer traffic areas.
  • Chest Freezers: Ideal for businesses of all sizes, these freezer options are for the long-term storage of frozen items. These come with solid and glass doors, either for customer self-service or for long-term, out of sight storage.
  • Under Counter Freezers: These are popular for the preservation of preparation space, allowing food preparation personnel easy access to frozen food items.

Shopping Tips

You will want to consult with a commercial refrigeration specialist before making any selections. Look for modern vendors on the internet, where they offer detailed information on their product offerings, as well as informative blogs. One such vendor is Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions, they have a detailed website showcasing their product offerings as well as a blog with anecdotes and other useful information to help guide both current and potential clients with both purchasing and maintenance needs.

As you should with all important purchases, when selecting a good refrigeration vendor be sure to check for reviews and testimonials. The recorded experiences of other clients will be your best possible reference when it comes to selecting a provider. Always take into consideration the courtesy and professionalism of the vendor, as well as their availability to answer questions and provide support for their clients.

Now that you have an idea about the types of refrigeration solutions available to restaurant owners, it should help alleviate some of the stress involved in finding and purchasing the right commercial refrigeration for your restaurant. To find out more about refrigeration tips and costs, visit Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions.

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