Beer System Upgrade

Project snapshot

  • Location: Charles Darwin University Palmerston
  • Range: $25,000 - $65,000

About The Project

This project included the supply and installation of a complete beer system and refrigeration system to service 6 bar stations in the hospitality training room at CDU Palmerston.

  • To begin this upgrade, the existing beer system and associated equipment were removed.
  • A new beer system was then installed and was made up of individual beer founts, taps and Bevelled drip trays which were installed at six separate stations in the training room.
  • This beer system upgrade also involved the supply and installation of a new remote ACPAC condensing unit on the roof, a Siberian Elite 5kw glycol tank in the coolroom and a Bev85 air compressor.
  • New beer pythons, containing the beer lines and glycol lines, were also installed.
  • Furthermore, a new 3 phase 20 amp electrical feed to the condensing unit on the roof from a switchboard in the kitchen was installed, along with a new RCD circuit and weatherproof power point for the glycol unit in the coolroom.

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