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Project snapshot

  • Location: Monsoons
  • Range: $100,000 - $150,000

About The Project

Monsoons were finding that their air conditioning system, although more than sufficient during the day, was not providing adequate cooling when the venue was at capacity. This was particularly felt on the dance floor area in their peak periods resulting in loss of trade.

Our Solution

After carefully assessing their current system and the cooling capacity required during the peak times, our team recommended the installation of a 100kW Dunnair unit. This unit was successfully installed directly above the bar area and provides a substantial boost in cooling capacity to the area when it is needed most.

The open plan design of Monsoons provides a very inviting front entrance, but also serves as a challenge to the air conditioning system. In order to minimise the loss of cool air from the front of the building our team recommended and installed a series of air curtains across the open front of the nightclub, which has also improved the capacity and efficiency of their air conditioning system.

I am writing to express my appreciation, and acknowledge the efforts of Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions as one of the best local businesses I have dealt with in a long time. Recently, Monsoons was faced with the need to update our old air conditioning system. After sourcing a number of quotes and different solutions from different suppliers, DRS clearly stood out as the best on the market.

On many occasions I have requested that DRS attend to our business needs quickly and DRS has always been prepared to respond accordingly. The technical diligence, product knowledge and customer service that DRS has shown on many occasions deserves acknowledgement and we look forward to working with them into the future.
Michael Collins General Manager, Monsoons

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