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The team at Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions is committed to designing & installing high quality commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and beer systems to specifically suit the needs of your business. We assess the many factors which may affect the efficiency of your new system, before providing you with a competitive comprehensive quotation for the work to be done, so there are no hidden extras. We also pride ourselves on having completed every major project we have been involved with, on time and on budget.

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Posted on 01 June 2020

James Harrison, Australia, and the World's First Patented Refrigerator

James Harrison, Australia, and the World's First Patented Refrigerator

Before Scottish expatriate James Harrison, then member of the Victoria Legislative Council and owner of the Geelong Advertiser newspaper, making ice was difficult. In fact, no one had invented a mechanical method to produce ice or to refrigerate items. Whenever you use your ice machine to create a delectable cocktail for guests, or crack open a cool one on a scorching day, remember James Harrison. It is because of his ingenuity that you are able to enjoy beverages like this.

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