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Restaurant Safety: Smart Strategies for Keeping Food Cool

Restaurant Safety: Smart Strategies for Keeping Food Cool

In the restaurant business, customers are your number one priority. Your customers are what keep your business running, and you making money. Ensuring your customers are happy should be your top priority. Therefore, customer safety should be top on your list. One of the most important things about customer safety is to ensure you serve them safe, quality food that is properly stored.

Proper food storage is important for many reasons. It keeps the food tasting better, it ensures your customers are happy and healthy, and it saves you money by eliminating additional food waste due to improper temperature maintenance and spoilage.

The task might take some work, but it is something every employee should be aware of and therefore, every employee can help complete the task.

The Importance of Proper Food Storage

As stated by the food standards put in place by the Australian government, food must remain stored at the proper temperature, or frozen, if required.

So, what does this mean for you? It is imperative your refrigerator and freezer temperatures and procedures remain in check. Food not properly stored at the appropriate temperature is susceptible to outside contamination. This will negatively effect both your business and your customers.

Tips for Proper Food Storage

It is a great idea to look over a list of tips on commercial food storage and safety. Share these tips with your employees to ensure everyone is aware of proper procedures. Hang them where everyone can see them, so they will remember to use them.

  • Ensure proper temperature control. The only way to be sure you store your food at the proper temperature is to keep track of it. Keep a thermometer easily accessible so employees can periodically check on the temperature for accuracy.
  • Keep your shelves organised. Proper food placement is a big part of proper food storage. Proper storage requires that certain foods stay in certain sections of the fridge or freezer, so it is important everything remains organised to ensure everything goes in the right spot. This will also help avoid misplacement of products, which could lead to spoilage.
  • Place your refrigeration system in the correct place. Your environment can effect the efficiency of your refrigeration system. Be sure to consult a professional to ensure the proper placement of your equipment.

Tips for Proper Equipment Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to forget to properly maintain your equipment. If your equipment is not working properly, then no matter how you sort the food or monitor it, it will not stay fresh, and could even be unsafe for people to consume.

Do a regular check of your equipment and if you spot something that might be wrong, it is best to call a professional. If you notice you are continuously finding problems with your equipment, or the issue will cost quite a bit, then it is time to consider investing in newer equipment.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your equipment:

  • Conduct a visual spot check. Catch many problems early on by visually checking your equipment periodically. Ensure the doors, gasket seals and exterior surfaces are clean and functioning properly.
  • Clean the condenser coils. Cooling systems expel heat, and the majority of them do so through the condenser coil. This area tends to attract and collect a lot of dust and dirt. You should properly clean these about once a month, and request a professional clean them about once a year.
  • Keep your system properly ventilated. Ensure there are no obstructions to the ventilation system and the ventilation system is properly placed. This will help regulate the temperature of your refrigeration system.

Proper food storage and proper refrigerator and freezer maintenance go hand in hand. It is important to your restaurant's success and to your customers health that you maintain your equipment and properly store your food. If you are unsure about something, consult a professional for help. When it comes to food safety, there is no room for guesswork.

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