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Professional Service is What You can Expect From DRS!

Professional Service is What  You can Expect From DRS!

Our business prides itself on providing a professional service at all times for our customers. These high standards are reflected in the performance of all employees, from our administration staff to our qualified technicians. To assist our team to provide fast and reliable information 24/7 and from any location, we operate using a cloud-based business management system called Aroflo.

AroFlo provides a central point for our business to manage all jobs and projects from the initial query, through to final invoicing. This blog illustrates how we utilize Aroflo and how it can benefit our customers also.

24/7 Service - Aroflo is a cloud-based tool therefor all works carried out can be entered into the system at any time, day or night from a compatible device: this is most valuable for after-hours emergency breakdowns as our on call technician will have all required customer details at hand to make the job run smoothly.

Asset Register - This function allows us to record every specific piece of equipment in our customer’s establishments. On request we can effortlessly obtain reports including equipment details, cost of repairs over a period of time, equipment repair history and warranty status. These reports are also beneficial in determining if a replacement is more economically viable than repairs.

Periodic Maintenance - Aroflo can generate a periodic or routine maintenance task automatically at regular set intervals i.e. daily, weekly, monthly and yearly etc. As a result advanced notice may be provided to our customers when a preventative maintenance is due. Regular maintenance is essential for early detection of under lying issues with equipment t.

GPS Tracking - This gives us the ability to track all our technicians throughout the working day. As a result we can provide our customers with estimated time of arrival. It also automatically records the technician’s time while on site to ensure accurate invoicing of labour.

Signature Capability - Once a job is completed a signature from a member of staff is taken as an acknowledgment. Aroflow can capture signatures on the screen; this is then displayed to the bottom of every customer invoice.

If you would like to know more about the information we can provide using Aroflo, please call our office on 1300 112 187 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to advise you on how our system can benefit your business today.

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