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How To Correctly Clean Your Refrigerator?

How To Correctly Clean Your Refrigerator?

All commercial food establishments are required to practice good hygiene and safe food storage and handling procedures. Keeping your refrigerator clean at all times will minimize the growth of bacteria, which can spread to food and cause serious health issues and potentially food poisoning. It can also reduce power consumption, as a clean fridge will use less energy to operate and maintain correct temperatures.

We have provided below a "Do it yourself, 8 step guide" for cleaning your refrigeration equipment.

  1. Put on protective gloves and switch off the power to the unit.
  2. Remove all food items from the unit, check for expiry dates and contamination, and only transfer fresh food to another unit. All tainted food should be disposed of.
  3. Strip away all removable parts of the unit and put into a container of hot soapy water. Wash thoroughly and leave to dry.
  4. Continue to wash the interior of the unit also using hot soapy water. Then using a cleaning solution, lightly dampen a cloth and start cleaning from the top to the bottom and finally the door area.
  5. Similarly to the inside, begin at the top of the exterior and work downward, cleaning the top, both sides and the front of the unit.
  6. Return the shelving and any removable parts back into place. Switch the unit back on and allow the unit time to reach the correct temperature.
  7. Transport all fresh products back into the fridge once correct temperature has been reached.
  8. Mop up any excess water spilt at the time of cleaning

Please note: Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions offers regular preventative maintenance for all types of commercial refrigeration equipment, which can be scheduled at a time suitable for your business. If you would like to speak to our team about this service, please contact our office today on 1300 112 187.

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