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DC-3 Smart Refrigeration System

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Talk to our specialist team about how the DC-3 can revolutionise your refrigeration.

A Revolutionary Cool Room Refrigeration System that can Save You 30% on Your Power Bill

A Game Changer in Cool Room Refrigeration Solutions

Energy Efficient

Approximately 30% less energy consumption for a quick return on investment.

Temperature Control

Extend the shelf life of perishable foods with the DC-3 smooth line temperature control.

Quiet Technology

Perfect for business, the DC-3 features modulating compressor and fans result in low outside noise.

Flexible Cooling

A flexible capacity range means the DC-3 can scale with your future cool room layout and requirements.

Safe and Reliable

Safety Mode ensures continuous cooling, even if data communication is lost.

Designed and Delivered by Industry Leaders You Trust

A true innovation in cooling technology.

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See why the DC-3 is a revolution in cool room technology.

A Plug and Play System for Dynamic Cooling

Packaged Condensing Outdoor Unit

Packaged Condensing Outdoor Unit

A DC compressor delivers greatly improved energy efficiency and outdoor noise reduction.

Smart Room Controller

Smart Room Controller

Intelligent real-time communication between the Outdoor and Indoor units results in smooth line temperature control.

Evaporator Indoor Unit

Evaporator Indoor Unit

Factory fitted with EVD-Ice, the DC-3 Evaporator deliver accurate superheat control, defrost on demand, and optimised defrost termination.

DC-3 Smart Refrigeration System

Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions supplies, installs, and maintains the DC-3 Refrigeration System in Darwin

Talk to our team about what the DC-3 means for your business.

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