Posted on 21 May, 2020

Ice Machine - Water Filtration System

Ice Machine - Water Filtration System

A water filtration system is an essential part of any ice machine installation. A water filtration system will guarantee the production of premium quality, clean, great tasting ice and assist in extending the life for your equipment.

Water filtration systems block unwanted particulates and chemicals from entering the ice machine which may include chlorine, fluorine, sand and dirt. Preventing these substances from entering your machine will not only help with water sanitation but will keep your equipment running smoothly, stop rust issues and avoid breakdowns.

To receive the highest benefits of installing a water filtration system to your existing or new ice machine, we highly recommend installing a dual water filtration system. These systems include a sediment filter, which removes sand and dirt and a carbon filter which removes chlorine, fluoride and organic matter.

The above diagram reveals the operation of a water filtration system for an Ice Machine.

At Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions, we can recommend, supply and install the most efficient water filtration system for your machine and business. Call our office today for further information on 1300 112 187.

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