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Selling Food: Energy Saving Strategies for Supermarket Owners

Selling Food: Energy Saving Strategies for Supermarket Owners

Supermarkets are one of the busiest businesses in operation today. They are open for at least eight hours a day and sometimes longer, which means increased energy usage. In addition, they have to leave their fridges and freezers running day and night to keep produce and food fresh. With climate change on so many people’s minds and energy prices rising, it’s becoming crucial for supermarkets to reduce their energy usage wherever possible. Here are a few tips to make it simpler. 

Install Energy Saving Lighting

It might seem like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of stores out there that do not utilise energy efficient lighting. You might spend a little more on the globes, but energy efficient LEDs can last much longer than traditional light bulbs and often provide a better quality of light. 

While we’re on the subject of light, make sure you clear the windows. Most supermarkets have a large windowed entrance or front of the store. It won’t be enough light for the whole store, but you can save on lighting at the front of the store. Natural lighting is also known to improve moods and energy levels, meaning happier and harder-working employees and grateful customers at the checkout. 

Use Efficient Air Conditioning

In a hot city like Darwin, it’s impossible to run a business like a supermarket without air conditioning. Aside from the discomfort your customers and employees might experience, excessive heat can make produce go bad faster. Air conditioning costs can run high, which is why you need to make sure your air conditioner is operating at optimum level. Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep it clean and maintained. Regular professional maintenance and cleaning will help reduce costs by keeping your air conditioner running optimally.
  • Consider a newer model. You might consider installing a new system if yours is 15 years or older as air conditioning systems are much less effective, efficient and more prone to breakdowns after this time.

Take Care of Fridges and Freezers

Keeping food cold or frozen is one of the biggest unavoidable energy costs that supermarkets experience. Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do to help reduce energy usage, such as:

  • Keep it clean. It might seem unimportant, but a clean fridge or freezer will run more efficiently. It is particularly important to clear any ice build up or blockages around the fan.
  • Check your seals. It’s impossible to avoid opening fridges or freezers too frequently in a supermarket, so you need to make sure that when the doors are closed they are sealed tight. Losing cold air through an inefficient seal will cost you a lot of money lost energy. If your seals are old or some are cracked, it’s worth hiring a professional to install new seals.
  • Maintenance is key. This is vital for a business that depends so much on their fridges and freezers. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance with a professional to prevent breakdowns and keep your units running efficiently.
  • Replace old units. There have been a lot of advances in energy efficient technology, so if your commercial fridges or freezers are starting to show their age, you could end up saving a lot more money by replacing them.

It can be hard to reduce energy consumption in such a big business like a grocery store, but by just installing a few new light bulbs and making sure that your air-conditioning, fridges and freezers are running efficiently, you could save a lot of money. Schedule regular maintenance, upgrade old units and keep everything clean. If you invest in these few things now, then you could save a lot more in reduced energy costs later. 

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