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Deal with the best commercial cooling company in Darwin

Deal with the best commercial cooling company in Darwin

Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions has long been known as the premier name in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. Service excellence is at our core. It’s this commitment to providing reliable, prompt, accurate, and relevant services to our clients that has helped us succeed over the years.

We specialise in the design, supply, installation and servicing of both air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems like cool rooms, ice machines, beer systems, and freezers in the Northern Territory. Our team of highly specialised technicians and engineers continue to build our reputation on our core values. We strive hard to maintain professionalism, integrity, and superior performance.

Innovative and dedicated

Established and Trusted

Our founder Jed Bahur began Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions in 2007 with a focus on providing unmatched customer service. We value your business and offer you nothing other than high-quality work and services. We recognise how strong work ethics and good communication play a crucial role in helping us grow our business. Our technicians keep the focus on our core values and offer you top notch services to help you install and maintain your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Service Excellence

When you need to install, replace, or service a cooling system, you need to have access to a knowledgeable technician who will advise you and help you resolve your problems quickly. Here at DRS, we can get things moving very quickly because we hire only experienced and fully-trained technicians who know how to handle different requests. Whether you need replacement parts or emergency repairs, we’ll offer you reliable advice and help you find the best solution for your situation. You won’t have to wait ‘to speak to the right person’ or wait until a technician becomes available. We have the capacity, the right team, and the knowledge to make sure you’re well taken care of.

Round the Clock Repair

It doesn’t matter when your equipment breaks down. We offer you 24-hour repair services. Whether your cooling systems fail during the day or the night, give us a ring and we’ll be there on the hour. Our technicians are always punctual and professionally presented. Even if you need help in the dead of night, we’ll be there on time.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Like most electronic items, refrigeration systems need maintenance too. It prolongs their working life and prevents untimely breakdowns. We use a cloud-based operating system to provide accurate information and data to our clients. We leverage the latest technologies and notify our clients when it’s time for their refrigeration systems to be serviced. We also reward customers for being proactive about equipment upkeep by offering them discounts on emergency call out fees.

Solid Systems and Processes

We have a dedicated admin and technical team as well as excellent invoicing and asset management systems in place to ensure our processes run smoothly. A good example of this is that we manage invoices every week so our customers don’t get “caught out” by a bill that arrives too late.

Asset Management

We’re conscious about helping our customers plan their business cash flow and keep track of their cooling equipment. Apart from raising invoices promptly, we use our asset management system to help businesses keep track of their equipment. This system records all repairs that have been performed on various pieces of equipment. Customers can, at any time, find out what equipment is in their business, identify what has been repaired, and look into what needs to be repaired/serviced.

Get in touch with the experts at DRS and take the stress out of installing and maintaining your cooling systems.

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