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Common signs your walk-in freezer needs repair

Common signs your walk-in freezer needs repair

If you’re in the commercial food business, it is imperative you know how to recognise when your walk-in freezer needs repair. A broken walk-in freezer can cause a whole host of issues, including making your food products unfit for consumption.

In this article, we’ll look at six common signs you should be aware of that indicate your walk-in freezer is no longer working up to par. If you’re concerned about the performance of your freezer, we suggest checking for each of the following symptoms as soon as possible.

1. Your walk-in freezer isn’t cold enough

Monitoring the temperature of your frozen equipment is an important safety measure that should be carried out by all businesses in the commercial food industry. If you don’t regularly have your staff monitor the temperature of the products stored in your unit, we suggest starting now. Remember, if your walk-in doesn’t feel cold enough, chances are it isn’t.

2. Air leaks from your walk-in freezer

Air leaking from a walk-in freezer is a telltale sign it requires professional repair. If your unit leaks air, there are two possible scenarios, both of which need attention:

  • The air leaking from your walk-in is resulting in rising temperatures.
  • Your walk-in freezer is still maintaining temperature but is being overworked. This can lead to costly breakdowns further down the track.

3. The motor constantly runs

If you can hear your walk-in freezer’s motor running constantly, there is most likely something wrong. Of course, the motor will run occasionally to ensure accurate temperature control, but if it never turns off, your walk-in is not functioning correctly.

4. Frost and ice build-up

Have you noticed that your product is covered in ice build-up? A properly running unit should never display excess frost.

5. Water leaks from your walk-in freezer

Water leakage is a very common sign your freezer requires repair. Most homeowners know that if their refrigerator starts leaking, it’s time to get it looked at or to buy a new one. The same goes for commercial walk-in freezers.

6. How does your product feel?

You’re the expert when it comes to your product. Does it feel as it normally does? Is it completely frozen? Have you noticed any changes in the way it looks and feels when you store it in your walk-in freezer?

Bonus tip

Here’s a quick and easy way to monitor the performance of your walk-in freezer. Buy a tub of ice-cream and stick it in your walk-in. If it stays frozen, your walk-in is working well. If it melts, you could have an issue that requires repair.

Worried that your walk-in freezer might be underperforming or need repair? Send us an enquiry online and our experienced technicians can perform a complete review of your walk-in freezer and other commercial cooling equipment.

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